Sunday, February 15, 2009

Netting is Annoying!

And did I mention how annoying the netting is? In addition to getting caught on anything and everything, it also catches things, too. In December we discovered a gigantic black racer that had wriggled through the netting until it had gotten itself completely caught. We thought it was dead until Jeff touched it. NOT DEAD. Nevertheless, Jeff very carefully cut the snake out of the netting using a tiny pair of scissors while the snake at first wrapped around his wrist and then tried to bite him multiple times. Well, there's the wonder of nature for you! With the last snip the snake shot off under the fence to our neighbor's yard, so all was well that ended well.

But that netting is damned annoying. Any ideas out there?

Click to see Jeff in all of his Marlin Perkins glory (no, not dating myself at all there with that reference!).


Latisha said...

Welcome back! I really enjoy reading about the garden's progress - lettuce, broccoli, blueberries, eggs! Quite impressive. Glad to hear Jeff was spared the bites from our friend, "Mr. Snake". My best to everyone at HandyHouse (this includes the girls).

Shandy said...

I know, what a slacker, eh? But I really have been busy. Today, we planted the last box with tons of stuff, including seeds. I have no idea if any of it will actually grow, but it's worth a try. The rain barrel is halfway to completion, so not a bad day after all. Check out the updated "Stuff We're Growing" list!

Jeff actually did get bit a few times, but I don't think racers have any teeth. The whole episode was fairly hysterical in retrospect! Poor Mr. Snake.

earthangel said...

Eeeewww-gardening gloves can be extremely useful! If netting came in rainbow colors it would be a dream catcher!
Now I have questions - What do racers eat? Do they chase the chickens or do the chickens think they're big worms.

I'll never forget the day a racer surprised me in the back yard and Chaco chased it to a hole then sat on top of it like the problem was solved.

Shandy said...

No, they only eat bugs, tiny mammals like mice, lizards and other snakes. They're actually fine to have around since they'll eat big palmetto bugs and the like, but they can put up a fight if handled. Chaco should be glad she didn't catch it, but I appreciate the simplicity of her solution!