Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome to the HandyHouse!

One of my resolutions for 2007 was to stay in better contact with the family, and here it is coming on May and I realize that I have done a seriously lousy job so far. No good excuses, just the ongoing distractions of generalized busyness that seem to swallow each and every day. So! Here's an attempt to keep everyone somewhat up-to-date on what's happening here at the HandyHouse in St. Pete. I figure a quick thought here and there, a photo or two, some links to places of interest, the occasional joke, and there you go—a 100% improvement over the cone of silence!

So, check in from time to time, comment, tell a joke, hurl an insult, share bits about your own lives. The HandyHouse is always open!


Chris said...

I'm so glad you decided to do this. Congratulations on getting a resolution on the path to victory!

Anonymous said...

Love the site and links. You go girl! Do you remember when I hung out our clothes? Do you remember my salad gardens? Hopefully, I had some impact on you as you were growing up!

Neil and I are trying to do our part for the future. We're starting to build the prototype.

Frannie Mom